Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Home Clayville

A great way to add both storage and counter space to your kitchen is to add an island. Modern islands can offer many of the same conveniences as your existing cabinet space while offering you the flexibility of a 360 degree workspace.

Benefits of a Kitchen Island in Clayville

The most obvious benefits of adding an island to your kitchen are the additions of both counter space and storage space. A less obvious benefit is that an island can visually delineate the space between the kitchen and family areas, or influence your home’s walk flow. And depending on how you customize your addition, you can also add seating space and a host of amenities.

Customizing Your Kitchen Island Clayville

Kitchen islands these days are nothing like they used to be. Today, they are able to be fully autonomous and can be customized with all of the features that you would find in the rest of your kitchen. Think about the amenities you would like to add to your kitchen Clayville. More storage is always a boon, but have you ever thought about adding a wine fridge to your kitchen? What about another sink or dish washer? It’s not too difficult for your contractor to hook up your island with water and electricity, so explore all of your options to optimize your new addition!

Designing Your Island Clayville

Once you’ve figured out all of the amenities you’ll want for your new workspace, it’s time to figure out its aesthetics. You want your island to match almost seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it has to be identical, especially if you need certain features on your new build that your cabinets just don’t have. Similar coloration is always a positive step towards making your new kitchen flow well, as are similar trim accents. The most important thing, though, for maintaining congruity with the rest of your kitchen is maintaining matching countertops throughout the space.

If you are merely adding on the island to an existing kitchen, you may find now to be an excellent time to upgrade all of your countertops to have material of the same quality and age functioning throughout the space. Even if you opt against that, you should bring in a specialist to match materials for you Clayville. If you are upgrading all of your counters, remember that the tone your countertops set is the main feel for your kitchen, so choose a material like granite or quartz that is timeless, durable, and beautiful. Remember to hire a professional to install your counter or counters. Professional countertop fabricators are able to both supply and install your counters, and they can guarantee professional and quality work for years to come.


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